The word Astrology comes from the word ASTRAL which means relating to or resembling the stars. It is said that Astrology was invented by the Babylonians around 2,400 years ago.

The Indian Astrology is based on the planets of our Universe. It has a close relation to the Moon cycles. Its about predicting your past, present and future according to the Date, Time and Place a person was born. The situation of stars and planets at that particular moment define your Astrological chart.

It is also believed that these placement of planets is based on the LAW of KARMA Theory.

We at Infinite Possibilities have experts in the field of Astrology with umpteen years of experience.

What will you gain when you opt for an Astrological Prediction Session?

GUIDANCE on your Professional front, Family life, Financial issues, Property related issues, Health, etc.

Know about your Spiritual Journey

Make DECISIONS considering these planetary placements

We can do MATCHMAKING for a couple who is planning to get married, it will help in understanding their common traits, their future together, whether they will be able to bear children, do any of the partner has any DOSHA, if yes, its rectification, etc.

What QUESTIONS should you ask?

Disclaimer – Our services can help in understanding and solving your life issues. The result of the solutions provided may vary from person to person. We DO NOT claim 100% effectiveness of the solutions offered. It is based on the complexity of the problem an individual is going through.