Diseases of the Reproductive System

  • Dysmenorrhea (Painful Periods)
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Vulvitis, Vaginitis, Cervicitis
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Myoma
  • Diseases of the Uterus
  • Enlarged Prostrate
  • Sexual Impotence
  • Sterility
  • Venereal Disease
  • Issues with Pregnant Women
  • Avoiding Miscarriage
  • Hastening Recovery after giving Birth

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The Reproductive system, also known as the Genital system, is biologically made up of organs along with a network of hormones in males & females involved in Sexual Reproduction. The purpose of the Reproductive system is to ensure survival of the species, be it Humans or Animals or any other species.


  • Energy healing works astoundingly in relieving the pains experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • The body of some women is prone to infection in these areas, energy healings can cure these infections and then increase the immunity to a level that the infection does not happen again
  • Cysts is these days a common issue, healings can help get rid of these cysts
  • Amongst mid-age to older men, Enlarged Prostrate has become a common ailment. With regular sessions of energetic therapies, this can be reversed
  • Pregnant women have several issues during those 9 months, nausea, morning sickness, chances of miscarriage, high blood pressure, fatigue, indigestion, heartburn to mention some. These can be easily treated by taking therapeutic sessions
  • A woman looses all her strength while giving birth, with healings her recovery is hastened, thereby strengthening both mother and child

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